Wye River – October 2008

We’ve just returned from our Autumn Season canoe trip on our favourite UK Southern River, the River Wye. A four day trip took us from Herefordshire, past Ross on Wye, through the Spectacular Symonds Yat limestone gorge through to Monmouth, making camp on the river bank along the way. We caught the last of the year’s fine weather, though it was just starting to get cold at night. A fine fire took the chill away as the evenings got longer and smouldered through most of the night, making outdoor ‘Tepee-Livin’ perfectly comfortable: as Ray Mears says – “if you’re roughing it, you’re not doing it right!”.

Gear on trial included a Old Town Discovery 158 (15’8″ canadian canoe), Wychwood Rogue Shelter, Australian Swag (bivvy) bag, Vango 2-man dome tent, Swedish Army “FireSteel” fire starter, Marmot Coffee Press steel mug, Beechwood beaver-tail canoe paddles, Brando LED head-light (clips onto hat) and Musto Fleece.

A Full Report will follow, but here’s some highlights:

A lunch stop…

1st night’s camp site…

Moonlit night…

Symods Yat Gorge Campsite

One thought on “Wye River – October 2008

  1. Frits

    Hi there,

    I stumbled onto your website searching for a new canvas tent and read the article about your trip down the Wye River… I’m so envious!
    I’d love to find out more about your trip. Do you need special permission to camp on the banks, or to paddle through any of the sections which maybe a managed fishery etc.
    I’m not familiar with the laws around waterways and rivers or ‘wild camping’ in Britain although I’ve lived here for the past 6 years.
    We mainly spend our time in the New forest as it’s closest, but whenever we go explore Wales or Scotland we always try find a campsite that has a natural feel to it rather than a ‘car park’ with loads of caravans…

    Happy travels!

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