Woodland Camp

We just got back from a fantastic woodland swag camp in a local nature reserve. Given special permission, we were able to camp in a place not normally open to that activity, surrounded by the sights and sounds of a protected woodland and grassland nature reserve. We were treated to young Roe deer and even a badger wandering past our camp, as well as a large male Roe deer passing by and letting off loud barking calls just outside our camp. We’ll write up the trip in full soon, but here’s a pic of the woodland camp scene – you’ll spot the green Australian “swag” wild-camping bedrolls rolled up in the pics below.

2 thoughts on “Woodland Camp

  1. Tim Noble

    Great looking camp. I’ve been lucky enough to buy some woodland and often camp there. I’ve hardly been there this year though. Your blog has inspired me.

    1. "Campfire Kev"

      Thanks for your comment Tim – Yes it was a fantastic experience – hope you can get out in your woods asap and enjoy the same. In case you didn’t catch it yet: the full write up is here.. I’m planning to go woodland camping again as soon as I can, and at least once in each season from now on.

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