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Good Ol’ Kelly Kettle

You’ll see the Kelly Kettle and Eydon STORM Kettle in use all over this site: If you haven’t already got one then we heartily recommend that you become acquianted with this fantastic piece of gear: perfect for river trips and camping. And if you are wondering where you can get one, we’ve provided this selection of Kelly Kettles, Ghilie Kettles and accessories from Amazon.co.uk:

Black Kelly Kettle!

Well yes and no – it’s actually an “Eydon STORM Kettle”, and the basic mechanism comes from the same source as the perhaps more well know “Kelly Kettle” brand, the West coast of Ireland where fishermen made simple copper kettles with hand tools, but these are made in the UK by the Eydon Kettle Company, founded by John Grindlay in the 1970’s and now used all over the World in many remote and wonderful places. They’re now bringing out a black version which will be on sale from Jan 1st and by all accounts it will be very distinctive. We’re expecting one in the post at the moment, and will publish a feature here on it, so stay tuned…!

[Update] – The Black Eydon Kettle arrived today and it’s a beauty! More to follow….

Eydon Kettle - Popular model in Black -New

Eydon Kettle Company

Eydon Kettle on base - new black version