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Ray Mears – A Rare Sighting!

You won’t see this too often – everyone’s favourite bushcraft expert Ray Mears wearing a slick suit! Normally at home in Khakis and Goretex, it’s from the most recent of his Northern Wilderness series on the BBC – the suit was in honour of one of Ray’s heroes David Thompson, who opened up vast tracts of Canada and North America through his travelling and surveying when working for the Hudsons Bay Company. Ray was invited to unveil the plaque on the Grey Coat school where Thompson began his own Path through his schooling and natural ability in maths his life’s work took him to Canada, a Path of the paddle, the sexton (for navigating), horseback and on foot across Canada, working and learning from the Native peoples in how to travel in that vast wilderness. The series is absolutely stunning and will give people much more understanding of how the nation of Canada came about. You can catch it on BBC iPlayer – try the HD version which really gives amazing detail of the scenery.

Ray Mears in a Suit!

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Canada’s Swag – the Duluth Bedroll…

This looks very similar to the Australian swag bags I've used for canoe-camping: the Duluth Bedroll from Duluth Pack Company in the States, famous for making the classic Duluth packs used in open Canadian canoeing. At $220 it's not cheap but looks like an excellent, sturdy piece of gear that would do the job as well as any swag.

See their website While you're there take a look at some of the other specialised gear they sell, and also read the fascinating history pages, tracing the evolution of the Duluth pack and the Company.

[Update: Our new Wynnchester Australian Swag Bedrolls are available online from www.wynnchester.co.uk – see latest post.