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Military Swags – US Forces Bivvy

This is a kind of soldiers’ swag bag: the “Crysalis sleep system” – a US miltary issue bivvy bag made from a goretex-like material. It features a mozzie net built in a wire hoops to raise the cover up. OK it’s expensive at $300 USD but if the taxpayers are footing the bill while you keep them safe from attack then it’s no problem: you deserve to a) be camouflaged b) be safe from attack from any enemies while you rest and c) be comfortable in bad weather when those same tax payers are sitting at home in 3 season feather down duvets surrounded by fluffed up pillows and eating pizza.

more info see: US Elite Forces Gear.com


See also: Duluth Bedroll and Me ‘Ol Swaggaroo – the Australian Swag Bag.


Swag n Tarp set up…

Australian ‘Razorback’ swag set up under a (British) Wychwood ‘Rogue Shelter’ makes a perfect open fronted campfire shelter like a one man Baker Tent also called the Campfire tent, but without all the poles and heavy canvas.

The shelter will catch the wind a bit in bad weather though, but perfect for normal conditions or even heavy rain without Big Wind… The Swag will shed any amount of rain that gets in, and the advantage of a big fire out in front is a big one: heat bounces around inside the shelter and you have a great feeling of being out on the open air.