Sevylor Colorado Video Review – Part 1 The Setup

Here is the first installment to our Sevylor Colorado video review.  This sequence is shortened a little, but even if we include filming, this canoe is river ready in under 15 minutes.  Enjoy this video, the full review write up will be coming soon with the boat in action video.

2 thoughts on “Sevylor Colorado Video Review – Part 1 The Setup

    1. "Campfire Kev"

      Hi Colin: Well basically it’s a great handy little boat, quite robust, fun to paddle and comfortable to be in (and to sleep in even!) – some drawbacks compared to a fixed-hull boat of course, but you can’t really compare them. Although it’s not so nice to paddle, and can’t carry huge loads, it will pack in the boot of a car, and is great fun to mess about in: that’s really what it’s all about I think – portability and fun. You can paddle it canadian style with the J-stroke, but it’s slow, but you can do it – I still preferred to do that than use the kayak paddles. A couple of other thinsg I guess: great for kids, they seem to feel safe and at home right away in this, and it would be fun at the beach in the surf too – so it’s really a great value all-round canoe.

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