Marmot Mountain Coffee Press Mug

A flask/mug and plunger combo: keeps your coffee warm, even in the snow!


[Update]: This awesome mug doesnt seem to be on sale any more: these are 2 good options – Primus LiTech Coffee Press and GSI Coffee Press (see Comments links below for where to buy):

GSI Outdoors Cafetiere/Coffee Press Mug

PRIMUS LiTech Coffee Press kit

Update #2: Liquid Solutions which is supplied by the same people ‘Pacific Cornetta, Inc.’ that make the above Marmot one have this one called the “Frosty” coffee mug which looks pretty good:

They also have a taller model called the “Hector” Frosty Mug avalable on

Also some nice options for Tea leafers here too:

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