Canoe & Tarp Set up

Top tip is put it up as soon as you arrive in light so you got immediate shelter to retreat to. Dont wait for the 3am rain! And be creative with resources available if difficult location. Bear in mind prevailing wind direction and where the fire smoke will go. Don’t put it right where the cattle are coming down to drink or you could get trampled on in the dark. Check any rising water potential. If electrical storm comes and you are exposed in the open you need a contingency plan for where to go. Refer to advice on being exposed in thunderstorms. Here’s some photos of my last trip using the canoe and tarp rig:

2 thoughts on “Canoe & Tarp Set up

  1. Andy

    Hi, your site is very inspiring. My friend and I are off down the Wye from Ross to Brockweir over 2 days and wanted to wild camp, the location that you seem to use looks excellent, is it after the rapids at Symonds yat? Best regards Andy

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