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Winter On the River Wye – a photo-tour

A selection of photos from our Winter Season trip on the River Wye in first few days of March. Weather was good except for one night with 50mph winds and snow! The tarps took a real pounding and had to be collapsed down over the canoes as the wind ripped down through the Symonds Yat canyon – I’ve never seen such violent winds so it was a real test of the tarp rigs.

Strong winds and rain on the last day too meant we had to lash the two canoes together to make a catamaran for better directional stability – but we had some beautiful crisp morning sunshine too so we were lucky for early march overall – a fantastic eventful trip: Kelly Kettle tea kept the cold out at regular stops along the route. Bring on the Spring Trip!

Arriving at the start point: two canoes on one roof rack: always makes me nervous…!

Our hand built Apache Canoe – A beautiful boat which handles like a dream. Wood finishing on the Gunwales gives it a quiet sound that doesn’t spook wildlife or fish… We’ll be doing a full review of this canoe here very soon.

Still morning after 50 mph winds through the night: does it get any better than this…?

In the foreground is our own handmade Swag – full review and tips on how to make one coming soon… This was our first test of it and it performed perfectly: still can’t beat an Australian-style “Swag Bag” for wild camping – a tarp over the top is all that’s needed if there weather turns wild (as it did for us on this trip!)

Morning Camp scene...

Morning Camp scene...

Trip’s Over – Soaking wet but invigorated – this army poncho really keeps the rain off!

Pic Of The Day; "Old Red"

Old Red is our new canoe – an Old Town Discovery 158 in classic canoe red. We just returned from her maiden river trip, on the River Wye – here’s a great picture of Old Red pulled up at the bank, while Hawkeye looks out for birds in the woods on the river bank. We’ll post a full report of the trip here in the coming days – it was a great trip – still very wintery, no sign of green in the trees – just some early wild garlic out in the woods, and a few daffs and snowdrops. The birds were urging Spring on though with fantastic chorus of song coming from the woods and riverbanks.

"Old Red" with Hawkeye in spotting birds, on the river wye. Click for larger image.

Wye River Webcam – Winter Season Trip early March 2009

Update: See our River Wye Video clips. We’re planning our Winter Season Wye trip at the moment – heading off for 3 days on the Wye in a few days time with some great new gear which we’ll be trialing and reviewing. We’re checking the river levels regularly on a couple of webcams, a great way to see conditions where your heading, it’s surprising how many places have a webcam somewhere online: