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Swag for Kids – KidSwag ™

Being sold by OK Swags ( of New South Wales, Australia, and manufactured for Europe under licence here in the UK these kids swags are just what you need to get your youngsters out there camping out in comfort and style. Made from the toughest 18oz tight weave pure waterproof canvas, with heavy duty zips, pillow pocket and other features, these are beautiful items and will certainly last at least 10 years of use I would say. A nice simple design unlike some of the fussy swags that now get made in australia with hoops, velcro and little windows, these are classic outdoor ‘bedrolls’, not just a tiny one-man tent.

(“What’s a swag?” It’s a traditional australian camp bedroll for sleeping out without a tent- for more on swag camping see our main post here)

In good weather they can experience being out under the stars around the campfire, cowboy style, in less than good weather the swag can go in the tent and will stop them rolling around in their sleeping bags as well as keeping out any draughts, and they’ll generally feel much more cosy & secure. On top of that, it’s very handy for sleepovers at friends! Priced at a very reasonable £110 (incl.p&p) considering the quality of the materials and manufacturer, these are the perfect thing for the budding young adventurers out there. Here’s some product pictures we just got sent through – the KidSwag(tm) is available in Forest Green, Sand Brown, Royal Blue or as below in Natural color.